My project: World of Worcraft Alliance to Horde translator

(Note: Fool.DE sucks and doesn't work very well. With my tranlsator you just make your sentence without having to type and guess. There's more here also.)

What horde sees:

What Alliance says:

Available letters:


Connected words:


Ideas for words that you can make:

rose, make, male, mess, lake, marvel, sober, slavery, abhor, embro, room, lame, yeah, sore, vroom, yes, no, snake, halves, layers, hymen, learn, lava, boner, bones, heavy, subnormal, smokable, shovel, snorkel, bonkers, horseman, ebony, honkey, horny, honey, embers, harm, money, unmaker, herbal, lumber, eh hoser, lean, lover, seashore, numbers, sky, rumble, slumber, lore, earlobe, moan, mesh, shambles, ankle, semen, lunar, moon, nose, many, shoe, slob, break, broken bones, unleash, abuser, year, murky, murlok, kum, horse, armor, bank, beans, blame, rum, lurk, monkey, yours, bloke, blouse, broken, halo, honk, unholy, hunky, musky, sulky, hero, lankey, roll, barrel, embark, blank, slur, slumlord, soul, shy, burn, barn, bake, beak, bear, bark, run, sour, sunk, royal, hark, aura, blah, blame, earn, harm, earn, healer, mayo, kola, koka, mouse, my mouse broke, moles, oral, rebel, roman, shake, key, oreos, smores, smear, ale, bark, leak, sleek, bush, hour, mushroom, same, soak, removably, baloney brave, s not, harmony, roge-r , S-not

All of these copy/paste into macros if you want to keep some on hand!
Copy and paste the whole string of what Alliance says, and they will hear your message. Refresh your page to clear it.

This project is done by me. email me at and tell me what you think :D