Micheil Skeens stuff: Super Smash TV Randomizer

Super Smash TV randomizer written by Micheil Skeens. Initial release on 02/21/21.

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Super Smash TV Randomizer
(Version 0.8, last updated on: 03/25/21)

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(randomizes enemies, which enemies are each formation (experimental still), and their spawn speeds. Enemy behavior randomization might be in a future update too!)
NOTE: Randomizing enemy formations and spawn speed is temporarily limited as I work on it.

Randomize enemy spawn speed (limited; you may not see a speed increase until I finish more of the formation randomization)

(randomizes the prizes and powerups)

(Not yet implemented)

Game tweaks:



Changelog update: Version 0.8, last updated on: 03/25/21 at 9:20 AM

Super Smash T.V. Beta randomizer released!
-Randomize enemies is stable for use. It will randomize which enemy formations are in each room.
-Randomize enemy formations is still being worked on. You may experience slow enemy trickles or endless rooms on occasion.
-Item randomization is now working. There will be an option in the near future to remove the lobber weapon from non-boss rooms.
-Preserve ratio (under item randomization) will attempt to preserve the natural ratio, preventing too many things like 1-ups and powerful items from popping up too much.
-An infinite credits option is implemented.
-Added options to randomize the room introduction text, converted from text-to-hex with word dictionaries. 2 dictionaries are offered: random clean words, or cuss-words. If you find words that you don't like in either option, please feel free to contact me and I will remove it.