Micheil Skeens stuff: Super Smash TV Randomizer

Super Smash TV randomizer written by Micheil Skeens. Initial release on 02/21/21.

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Super Smash TV Randomizer
(Version 0.9, last updated on: 8/15/21)

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(Shuffling enemies in groups will move the enemies in each room to other rooms. Randomizing enemies will randomize what comes out of the doors.)

(randomizes the prizes and powerups)



Misc options:



Changelog update: Version 0.9, last updated on: 8/15/21 at 8:25 AM

New version! Expect glitches still.
-Fixed item randomization. Lobbers will no longer show up in regular rooms, and item randomization was removed from boss rooms and special rooms.
-Added enemy behavior option. Most enemies now move and shoot differently, including the snake mini-boss! Bosses are not affected.
-Added flag for allowing extra bullets past what the game normally has when the 'Randomize enemy behavior' flag is checked.
-Added option to have the floor arrows glow random colors.
-Fixed the room introduction text. Letters are no longer missing.
-Added option for 'blood spatter is more epic'. This makes you blast the enemies away even further. Graphical mod, won't affect gameplay.
-Added an option to randomize what the game host says from snippets of his phrases. Sure, why not!
-The 'randomize each enemy' flag is still ongoing work. I have added a lot of logic to place the enemies properly, so they won't glitch the graphics as much. It is still unstable, and will be while I get it done. I am going to complete this flag next! Most of the same issues exist for this flag still.
-Implemented an option called 'Total Carnage!', which will put the game on crazy mode. Enemy behavior logic will be more unreasonable, and eventually enemies in room placement will be too. I have not added a flag option yet, but will very soon.
-A lot of small fixes that stabilize the game more.
**Expect to see another update very soon!**

Changelog update: Version 0.8, last updated on: 03/25/21 at 9:20 AM

Super Smash T.V. Beta randomizer released!
-Randomize enemies is stable for use. It will randomize which enemy formations are in each room.
-Randomize enemy formations is still being worked on. You may experience slow enemy trickles or endless rooms on occasion.
-Item randomization is now working. There will be an option in the near future to remove the lobber weapon from non-boss rooms.
-Preserve ratio (under item randomization) will attempt to preserve the natural ratio, preventing too many things like 1-ups and powerful items from popping up too much.
-An infinite credits option is implemented.
-Added options to randomize the room introduction text, converted from text-to-hex with word dictionaries. 2 dictionaries are offered: random clean words, or cuss-words. If you find words that you don't like in either option, please feel free to contact me and I will remove it.