Micheil Skeens stuff: Ninja Gaiden Randomizer

Ninja Gaiden rom randomizer for the Nintendo NES written By Mike Skeens. Initial release on August 30, 2020.

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Ninja Gaiden Randomizer (version 0.8)

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(randomizes each enemy while keeping them in their proper chipsets. Currently, level 6 is not finished because I need to find my notes.)

(shuffles all of the bosses, except for the last one. This option will also balance the bosses in certain situations, such as harder bosses in earlier stages, and the jumping gargoyal boss when there are no pillars to stand under. The boss with the crystal to smash will be 2 bosses at the same time instead!)

Randomize Colors:
(randomizes the color palettes)

[Game balancing tweak]: Take less damage
(Strongly recommended. take a little less damage.)

Knockback distance:
(Reduced knockback is strongly recommended. The normal knockback in this game is what causes it to be one of the hardest NES games ever.)

[Game balancing tweak] Slightly reduce boss health:
(Recommended. This option will reduce the bosses health by about 2 bars. Bosses are the second factor of why this game is nearly impossible to beat.)

[Game balancing tweak] Bosses do less damage:
(Recommended. Bosses will do less damage to you. This is a good option to use for game balancing. Off by default.)

[Game balancing tweak] Longer blink after getting hit:
(Recommended. This increases your invincibility chance after you get hit. Good to for game balancing.)

[Game balancing tweak] Start with 1 extra life:
(recommended, but off by default. This option seems good since you restart stages on game over. Some stages are quite long. Off by default.)

Hide lantern contents:
(All lanterns drop as lanterns still, and hide what is in them. They still pick up when touched. Off by default.)

Timer goes up instead of down:
(This option might be good if you want to time your runs better. It will go up to 255, then kill you. This does give you extra time though. Off by default.)

Infinite time:
(Not recommended. Freeze the timer. Off by default.)

Cheaper weapon cost:
(Not recommended. Using items costs between 1/3 and 1/2 less per shot. Off by default.)

Enemies have extra health:
(Certain enemies will still have normal health, like the dogs, the hawks and the bats. Off by default.)

*Boss rush mode:
(Fight all of the bosses in the dark. The last boss is not a part of this mode. Since I had to break this game apart big time to make this mode,
it has glitches. First off, when you game over, you will have to reset the game because when you continue it will take you to a broken stage. The second
issue is the darkness. I had to replace each boss in the stage it was supposed to be in, but the chipsets for stages are wrong, which makes them a bunch of garbled blocks, so I changed the pallets to them black. It's not that big of a problem though, as the boss rooms are simple anyway. It is a fun mode still nonetheless!)



Updates that are planned ahead:

Finish the enemy randomization for level 6. I lost my notes, and need to re-get the data.

(Any other ideas, email me)

Known issues:

The boss mode has several issues that I would like to fix. All of the issues for this mode are listed above in the mode options explanation.

No other issues are known. If you come across one, please contact me so I can look into it.