Micheil Skeens stuff: Monster Party Randomizer

Monster Party rom randomizer for the Nintendo NES written By Mike Skeens. Initial release on August 24, 2020.

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Monster Party Randomizer (version 1.0)

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Ducking is very important in this game, especially on bosses. The more you know!

(randomizes each enemy in their proper stages)

Boss doors:
(shuffles the doors in within each stage. This means the bosses shuffle around with empty rooms and dead rooms as well.)

Randomize colors:
(randomizes the color palettes of almost everything)

[Game balancing tweak] Start with 3 extra health bars:
(Strongly recommended. Three extra bars of health balances the game just a tiny bit to make it more enjoyable)

[Game balancing tweak] Bosses have a few less health bars:
(Recommended. The bosses in the game have just a little bit too much health. Reducing their health bars slightly might reduce your need to farm for hearts to fight the next boss)



Updates that are planned ahead:

Enemy behavior randomizer. I am two-thirds finished with it. I just have to input and randomize my found values.
Does anyone want this to have a speed run mode? If so hit me up with what is needed to tailor to those needs.

(Any other ideas, email me)

Known issues:
The color palettes in levels 4-8 are a bit off, as I forgot to match colors which makes them more wildy different from each other.
It is a minor issue, so I'm not prioritizing this.