Micheil Skeens stuff: Milons Secret Castle Randomizer

Milons Secret Castle randomizer written by Micheil Skeens. Initial release on 08/29/21.

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Milons Secret Castle Randomizer
(Version 1, last updated on: 08/29/21)

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What does this randomizer change? It makes the castle open-world by opening up the blocks in the center of the castle so that all 3 floors are playable from the beginning. Also, the 'Well' level will no longer require the potion to enter it (only the vest and lamp). Two levels also have a block opened up so the exit is obtainable without the spring shoes.
To use the secret push blocks, shoot 1 upward bubble at it while pushing it.

Here is a list of the items and what they do: All items
Here are the strategies for each room: Floor 1,   Floor 2,   Floor 3,   Floor 4.

(shuffle all the items in the game.)

Game tweaks:
(various game tweaks that will improve gameplay without changing it too much)

Milons Secret Castle Walkthrough Map



Changelog update: Version 1, last updated on: 08/29/21 at 12:43 AM

Milon's Secret Castle randomizer is released! All options should function correctly, and item placement logic should be good. If you experience an unbeatable seed, please let me know.