Micheil Skeens stuff: Joe and Mac Randomizer

Joe and Mac rom randomizer for the Super Nintendo SNES written By Mike Skeens. Initial release on September 29th, 2020.

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Joe and Mac Randomizer (version 1.0)

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(randomizes the enemies)

(Hard mode has extra enemies in it, and less eggs that are carried by enemies if you have the extra eggs carried option on.)

Starting Lives:
(this option changes how many lives you start and continue with. The default that the game naturally starts you with is 3 lives.)

Add extra 1-ups in carried eggs: (This option makes 1-ups more common from the carried egg contents.)

Randomize Powerups:
(randomizes the powerup items (including 1-ups) that are loosely spread around the levels outside of eggs.)

Randomize meats:
(there are 4 types of meats in the game, from a chicken leg all the way to a steak. This option randomizes these, the heavier meats being rarer than the smaller ones.)

Randomize egg contents:
(randomize what powerup is in each egg, including 1-ups.)



Updates that are planned ahead:

I have boss randomization stuff I have the data for but didn't add, such as which enemies they carry or spit out, and on some bosses, boss shuffling.

(Any other ideas, email me)

Known issues:
I accidentally replaced the water geysers in level 3 with random enemies. It won't affect your ability to get past it, but I plan to fix this issue when I get a chance.