How to verify your domain and website with google search console using DNS nameserver records. Article written By Mike Skeens. August 16, 2019.

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How to verify your domain and website with google search console using DNS nameserver records

You need your website to be found by Google. Some time back, that was easy to do. Now it takes a little more effort, but here is how to do it. First, go to the Google Search Console and set up an account with the start now button (which is also how you log in). Once you are logged in, click on the top left area to get started as shown below.

Step 2 pops up two options. Choose the left choice that is to verify through DNS records. The popup will continue as shown below. Smack the copy button to get the string that will let you verify by DNS name server. This is how you will verify that you are the owner of the website. More instructions below (final instructions is step 5).

Next in step 3 you will log into your hosting account wherever it may be. In most cases, you will go to your Cpanel if you have it. Zone Editor is what you need to open. DNS Zone Editor. Don't be confused, because most hosting sites also have a DNS editor, which is different.

In step 4, you now should have an option at the top of the page(cut from this image). Click 'Add a Record'. There should be a drop down box that let's you pick from. You may see many options, such as TXT record, MX record, A record, etc.

Choose the TXT record. Don't worry about the TTL numbers that come with the options. Leave them as is. So, now you paste the google verify that you copied earlier. (it's obainable again if you lost your copy/paste.)

Step 5 is the last thing to do here. Once you have pasted the TXT record and saved it as a TXT record, you go back to Google Search Console. Click on the top left drop down box if you lost your popup. Click verify on the pop up. It probably looks like this. Don't trip. Wait a day or two and try again. If not, google will do it for you anway.

I hope this helps you guys. I was really frustrated when I was doing it myself. Not one website said anything about nameservers (which we needed), only DNS records which is obviously too vague to mean anything.