Micheil Skeens stuff: Guardian Legend Randomizer

Guardian Legend (Alpha, on hold) randomizer written by Mike Skeens. Initial release on 12/01/20.

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Guardian Legend Randomizer
(Alpha 0.13, last updated on: 12/16/20)

Randomizer | See all made seeds

(These options aren't even close to done. issues: incorrect enemy types appear. Some enemies disappear after some time. Enemy quantity changing does not account for multiple spawn points, making some areas way too populated.)

Extra enemies on chance if randomized (Best to keep at 0 unless testing this)

(These options will randomize the bosses)

(These options aren't even close to done. You may see bad color combos even though I am working on the logic.)

(This option shuffles all of the music.)

(This option shuffles all of the sound effects.)

Outer World Items:
(This option shuffles the items in the overworld. This option does not affect shop items or corridor rewards yet.)

Options for testing:

See all map

Speed past corridor 0

Keys aren't needed





I will keep updating the changelog as much as possible. I may not mention little changes until the randomizer is in Beta.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.13, last updated on: 12/16/20 at 2:05 PM

-Added overworld boss randomization. Most bosses should be relative to the area, but I have seen a few that are too high level. Mini-bosses are randomized as: Areas 1-4, 5-7, 8-9, 10. Better placement based on boss level will be added in the next few versions.
-Slightly improved overworld enemy randomization placement. Much more work is needed still. Many enemy values are still incorrect.
-Fixed the top portal that causes the game to freeze on Area 0: X-9, Y-12.
-Made the infinite health testing option off by default.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.12, last updated on: 12/09/20 at 5:08 PM

-Added enemy randomization in corridors: 2, 13, 14, 16, and 18. More work is needed to fine tune it though. Ground enemies won't be included until the flag option 'randomize floors in corridors' is available.
-Added sound shuffling.
-Added 2 sound options: Replace the annoying tink sound with another sound effect when an enemy or player is hit, and also an option for when a wall is hit.
-Added a slider option for having a chance to have extra enemies spawn in corridors and in the outer world. Currently, it is limited to which situation has it coded in, meaning it might not take effect in most areas of the game. I will update this to work entirely by next update! -A ton of small improvements have been made on this update all throughout the randomizer.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.11, last updated on: 12/02/20 at 12:25 PM

-Added seeds, and updated in-game text to reflect the seed and randomizer version number.
-Other peoples seeds can be found at: https://micheilskeens.com/guardian-legend-randomizer-seeds.php
-Updated enemy randomization to be a little cleaner. Do note that it is far from completed, and more work will need to be done. There are a lot of issues with it at the moment.
-A lot of other minor stability updates.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.10, last updated on: 12/01/20 at 12:25 PM

Alpha testing is here!
-Music randomization has been completed.
-Started logic for randomizing outerworld colors, including enemies.
-Started logic for corridor colors, as well as enemies.
-Implemented item shuffling. Currently, it only shuffles items in Area 0, and doesn't cover shop items yet. Glitches are abound.
-Enemy randomization has been started in both outerworld and in corridors, but hardly anything has been randomized yet. Lots of unintended enemies will show up. -Several cheat flags are available for testing purposes.