Micheil Skeens stuff: Duck Tales Randomizer

Duck Tales rom randomizer for the Nintendo NES written By Mike Skeens. Initial release on July 22, 2020.

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Duck Tales Randomizer (version 1.4)

Randomizer | See all made seeds

(randomizes each enemy while keeping them in their proper chipsets)

(randomizes each treasure chest with a somewhat fair and balanced algorithm)

Secret Treasures:
(shuffles the secret treasures between each other, including 1-up's and max life up's)

Launchpad Mcquack and Mrs. Beakly locations:
(only 1 launchpad per stage, and mrs. beakly only in her usual stage)

UFO Key:
(shuffles the UFO key with all the other regular chests in the UFO stage)

Transylvania mirrors:
(each mirror teleporter will be shuffled)

Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby:
(There is really no point in shuffling, but one of them does teleport you into transylvania to unlock the key mirror)

Randomize colors:

*Special Treasure hunt mode:
(If you're not sure about this option, don't use it. Find the game winning chest, shuffled along with all other chests! Boss rooms will teleport you to the select screen so you can re-enter if you missed the chest the first time through. All launchpads are removed from the stages (except in the amazon where he is needed). Fairly quick runs. Transylvania chests may cause you to return to the beginning of the stage with text telling you to kill dracula again. This is an unfixable issue, and you'd just have to return to the chest again to grab it, assuming it doesn't do it again. It will let you grab it eventually if so. Please note that this is not a part of the normal game. It is just a little extra mode for fun.)



Updates that are planned ahead:

Enemies that mostly work but aren't a part of a chipset should be optional. (but are as of now required).
Randomize more of the repeating enemies (which may become non-repeating). Currently only some of them are randomized.
Fix leveling of Launchpad's feet on some spawns. I had it set right, but now it apparently isn't always right.
Perfect the rate of treasure drops for ice cream and 1-ups, with an option to have a few extra drop for newer players (not default though).
Spoiler log option, if people are interested in it.
Ramdomize boss HP.
Option to randomize starting HP between 1 and 3.

(Any other ideas, email me)

Known issues:
I see a glitch with a seed popping up with a single digit. I will rework the seeds/logic to correct it. All older seeds will still be valid. Other than that...
No known issues at the moment. All previous issues have been fixed.