Micheil Skeens stuff: Double Dragon 2 Randomizer

Double Dragon 2 randomizer written by Micheil Skeens. Initial release on 02/22/21.

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Double Dragon 2 Randomizer
(Version 1.1, last updated on: 02/26/21)

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(Randomizes the enemies in each stage. NOTE: the enemy weapons haven't been randomized properly yet. You may see glitched weapons)

(Randomizes the colors in each stage)

(Randomizes the music in the game, excluding the title screen music)

Game Tweaks:
(Various game tweaks to improve gameplay and make the game more reasonable)



Changelog update: Version 1.1, last updated on: 02/26/21 at 6:57 PM

-Added color randomization.
-removed the dupe boss from the enemy randomization pool because he can cause game freeze. (Enemies still need to have their weapons/behaviors fixed. You will still see glitched weapons sometimes.)

Changelog update: Version 1.0, last updated on: 02/22/21 at 4:30 AM

*Version 1.0 released!
-Implemented enemy randomization. In future updates, I will add more enemy behavior and weapon randomization.
-Plenty more to come, like color and music randomization!