Micheil Skeens stuff: Darius Twin Randomizer

darius twin rom randomizer for the Super Nintendo SNES written By Mike Skeens. Initial release on September 26, 2020.

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Darius Twin Randomizer (version 1.0)

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(Balanced randomization randomizes the chance for each enemy in the randomization pool per level, making it feel more natural. Equal randomization makes all enemies have the exact same chance to draw from the pool. Insane randomization imitates the last level, making a ton of big enemies appear in the mix more often, and also adds extra powerup lanterns to the pool.)

Extra powerups:
(adds a random amount of extra powerups with a total based on how many enemies are in each level.)

[Game balancing tweak] Player stock amount:
(Choose how many lives both players start with. Note that both 3 lives and 9 lives are naturally an option in the game.)

[Game balancing tweak] Upgrade shield power on pickup:
(The game has 3 shield powers; blue, silver, and gold. They improve the more blue powerups you pickup. When you get hit, they deplete. It's unlikely that you will even see a shield improve in color before you get killed, which is why it's recommended that you improve it to where you automatically get a silver shield at least per pickup.)

Free level select on navigation screen:
(After completing each stage, you can go to whatever level you want. Great for practicing.)



Updates that are planned ahead:

I have only minor improvements and bugfixes planned in the future unless someone steps forward with a request or for speed running/score running.
feel free to reach me.

Known issues:
There are no known issues at this time.