Micheil Skeens stuff: Clash at Demonhead Randomizer

Clash at Demonhead rom randomizer for the Nintendo NES written By Mike Skeens. Initial release on July 28, 2020.

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Clash at Demonhead Randomizer (version 0.3 BETA)

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(randomizes each enemy while keeping them in their proper chipsets)

(shuffle all of the routes except the dead ead routes)

Update route exits:
(turning this off will make you teleport on the map screen upon level exit to where the route numbers used to be instead of where they are now. This might help with getting softlocked)

Route nameplates:
(Update will update all of the routes to what route you are actually at, and will also symbolize out any routes that are double digit numbers if the route is meant to be single digit. Normal keeps the route numbers shown from the vanilla game, but won't be accurate to what route you are actually on. This could be useful if you have the previous 'update route exits' option turned off. Hide all will black out all route numbers regardless of whether you randomized the routes or not.)

Hide non-essential conversations:
(This will remove NPC's that aren't required to progress. Note that many of them do offer good hints and tips.)

Randomize Key Items and Spells:
(NOT YET IMPLEMENTED. This will randomize the location things like hermit spells and key item's like the gem. This option currently does nothing.)

shuffle bosses and required NPC's:
(This is very limited on what can be shuffled, and is not fully implemented yet)

Randomize colors:

Randomize platforms:
(this will randomize which direction each moving platform will go, and will not randomize any that might cause a softlock.)

*Start with 2 extra HP bars:
(This will make you start the game with 2 extra HP bars. These 2 extra bars are not at all game breaking. This is recommended for new players, but OFF by default)



Updates that are planned ahead:

Route randomizer will have an additional option to do a light shuffle also, which will split up the higher level routes from the lower level ones.
Randomize item costs.
Randomize the location of the hermit, key items and spells.
finish and polish all other current features like boss randomization.
(Any other ideas, email me)

Known issues:
I see a glitch with a seed popping up with all A's in it. I will rework the seeds/logic to correct it. All older seeds will still be valid.
The route randomizer will cause you to always enter the stage on the left-most side. I haven't found any values to correct this it as of yet. I will try again shortly, as I am burned out on this game for now.
Route 42 (I think?) has a lot of totems that lead to various routes. This is unintended. For now just jump over them. I will hunt down this bug soon.
These two issues are what is keeping this randomizer in "beta". Once I get these taken care of, I can elevate it up to a stable version. I will also then add more features that are mention atop in the planned updates section.