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Castlevania III randomizer written by Micheil Skeens. Initial release on 01/08/21.

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Castlevania III Randomizer
(Alpha 0.6, last updated on: 1/28/21)

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This CV3 randomizer is in Alpha, and has many incomplete flags. Stay tuned for tons of new options, including many that aren't even listed yet. See the changelog at the bottom of this page for all major updates! Also, please message me with any issues or requests.

(Randomizes the enemies in each stage. 2/3 of the levels are done.)

(Shuffle the levels around in the game. Note: Since the enemies/bosses are not fully randomized yet, you may not see many changes in each stage. Currently, it is not known how or when the last level will pop up, as the last level is unshuffled. More testing needs done on it. Please message me if you have anything to say about it.)

(Randomizes the bosses. See the changelog at the bottom of the page to see which levels are currently affected)

(Randomizes the candles and their contents. Ratios need tweaked more. Unfinished: Some braziers, vertical areas, and lanterns)

Ally characters:

(Randomizes the colors in each stage)

(Change the behavior of sub-weapons. More control will be available in an upcoming update! Currently, not all sub-weapons are changed yet, and the ones that are each have 100% chance to change their behavior. Might cause the Dracula ally to have bullet changes)

(This option shuffles all of the music in each stage, and separates the slower songs in caves from the more energetic outside stages)

(These options shuffle specific sound effects)

Game tweaks:




I will keep updating the changelog as much as possible. I may not mention little changes until the CVIII randomizer is in Beta.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.6, last updated on: 1/28/21 at 2:30 AM

-Added more enemy randomization. You will still see glitched enemies as I work through completion of this flag.
-Added an option to slightly reduce all bosses health. The bars will stay the same, they just take more damage.
-Reduced the chance for the Dracula ally to have delayed attacks (due to sub-weapon randomization).
-Added more randomized candles, and improved what they drop.
-fixed many small issues.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.5, last updated on: 1/25/21 at 12:42 PM

-Candle randomization has been implemented. Only some levels are done right now, and the candle contents logic will need tweaked still.
-Fixed the rushing water sound effect to not be included in sound shuffling, and added an option to remove the water rushing sound effect.
-Fixed some of the enemy behaviors that caused graphical glitches or unhittable enemies.
-Various small tweaks.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.4, last updated on: 1/18/21 at 5:44 AM

-Added sound shuffling
-Added powerup sound randomization
-Added sub-weapon behavior randomization. An upcoming update will give you full control over the percentage at which each sub-weapon can randomize. Not all weapons are included yet.
-Added an option to change the annoying clock timer warning into a better sound.
-Added an option to make bonus points count faster after killing a boss by making the counting start as soon as the music starts, instead of waiting until it finishes first.
-Fixed the 'take less damage' flag option, and made it on by default.
-Added an option to start on second mission, which adds extra enemies in all of the stages.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.3, last updated on: 01/14/21 at 11:19 PM

-Overhauled level randomization! Level 1 has been added in the mix! Fixed the black screens of death on level load. If you get the black screen or have infinite level looping, please contact me so I can look into it.
-Color randomization got a few tweaks. There are more improvements that I know I can make. Will do in an upcoming update.
-Added an option to greatly reduce the time it takes to resurrect after dying. A sound effect will replace the song.
-Title screen now shows what seed number and version number you are currently playing.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.25, last updated on: 01/10/21 at 3:09 PM

-Added enemy color randomization.
-Added an option to start with extra lives or infinite lives.
-I am working on the issue that sometimes causes the game to freeze on level load. I have reduced it from happening, but it will persist while I work on level randomization further.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.2, last updated on: 01/10/21 at 9:39 AM

-Added level color randomization. More fine tuning is needed, but it's a start!
-Many small fixes, including removing the boss from the boss randomization that awards Grant.

Changelog update: Alpha 0.10, last updated on: 01/08/21 at 10:31 PM

Alpha version released!
-Levels 1, 2 and 3 have enemy and boss randomization.
-Plenty of optional flags are available with this first release of Castlevania 3 randomizer (Alpha). Even more to come, so follow my progress here in the changelog!