Micheil Skeens stuff: Adventure Island II Randomizer

Adventure Island II rom randomizer for the Nintendo NES written By Micheil Skeens. Initial release on December 17, 2020.

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Adventure Island II Randomizer
(Version 1.0, last updated on: 12/17/20)

Randomizer | See all made seeds

(Randomizes the enemies, and prevents fire pits and rocks that could cause a softlock as best as possible)

(This option randomizes the eggs in game. You can also force it to reserve, yet still randomize the dinosaurs in the original dinosaur specific eggs. Either way, extra dinosaurs will be added in the randomization pool)

(Randomizes the fruit in most of the stages. It won't randomize the fruit in stages where time is severely limited in order to keep it safe enough to beat)

(This option is still being worked on. it will be available soon)

(This option shuffles all of the music, minus a few areas with short songs that would cause issues)

(This option is still being worked on. it will be available soon. it will shuffle the sounds, without it being too annoying)